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人形師西山陽一 アーティスト



As a child, I had a terrible stutter, and this caused me to have a complex about speaking. The only thing that I was able to do that could impress and move the people around me was to draw pictures and create art, and it was in doing so that I found meaning in my existence.
I soon realized early that the only possible path for me was art, so I majored in art at high school and university.

After studying sculpture, painting, ceramics, etc. I embarked on the path of making Hakata Ningyo where all those techniques I had learned could be put to use.

Now that I have accumulated different types of experience as an artisan of Hakata Ningyo, I have gone back to the source of my inspiration, asking myself: What form of expression impresses or moves people? And as the artist YOICHI, I am searching for new forms of expression.

Yoichi Nishiyama

Born in 1979 in Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University’s Faculty of Art and Design majoring in sculpture

After studying under Hakata Ningyo artisan Kunisaki Nobumasa, became an independent artist

Artisan of Hakata Ningyo, Yamakasa Ningyo and Kasahoko

Lives in Dazaifu City

Award history

2003 Yoichi Award Exhibition Special Award "Hunter"

2007 Yoichi Award Exhibition Yoichi Award (highest award) "Funa Benkei"

2010 Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Crafts Exhibition Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union Chairman's Award "Hagoromo"

2015 New Hakata Doll Exhibition (One Good) Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association President's Award "Water Mirror Izutsu"

2015 Fukuoka Prefecture Traditional Crafts Exhibition NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting Station Director's Award "Izutsu"

2016 New Hakata Doll Exhibition Fukuoka City Bureau of Economy, Tourism and Culture Director's Award "Thinking"

2018 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Meritorious Persons in Traditional Crafts Industry Encouragement Award

2018 Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association President's Award `` Daikoku ni Bifurcated Radish''



My creations are made by me alone starting from the drawing stage all the way to the finishing touches, using the traditional Hakata Ningyo technique. The motifs range from classic to modern.
I create a prototype with clay, make a mold, and make multiple Ningyo using that mold. I bake them and color them with Nihonga paints.
I will carefully paste the gold leaf depending on the work.

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